Annu’s Creation is a celebrated fashion house in Gujarat. We believe in holding the ground of tradition when it comes to fashion. Having entered the 10th glorious year of our fashion endeavour, we boast to have an ever increasing count of loyal customers and admirers. What once began as a small dream was soon molded into reality when it was fueled with persistent efforts of the team along with a headstrong appetite for fashion of our head designer – Annu Patel.
From reading minds of our customers and registering their emotions to translating them into finely designed ensembles, we work in a closely knitted modus operandi. We believe that fashion is a narration in itself and a great gesture of self-expression. We promise to deliver fashion in a manner where it tells a tale of beauty and grace altogether.
Keeping the bride of today in the heart and soul of our creation, we entangle the threads and weave them into something that resembles a bride’s dream for her big day. At Annu’s Creation, we have been working diligently to become the happy part of people’s celebrations for the 10th year now and we are here to let you know that this is just the beginning.


The label Annu’s Creation was founded by Annu Patel in 2011 while she was in the second year of her fashion studies. A few attempts at studying physiotherapy made her realize that her true calling lied elsewhere.
It all started with stitching most basic of her designs and selling them door to door in a really small town of Gujarat with very few expectations. Little did she know that she would be rewarded with a phenomenal journey and she would make it to the top of her game. Annu is a petite human who harbours a great soul.
This pocket-sized powerhouse fills up the room with her warmth and innocence. Her passion for creating ensembles that voice the elegance of traditional wear and her unique sense of fashion drove the brand to new heights.
She had been awarded for ‘The Most Innovative Collection’ in the first year of her graduation itself at INIFD, Vadodara but she considers the smiles of satisfaction of her customers as a greater award. Today she has become a stalwart and one of the most celebrated fashion designers in Gujarat when it comes to bridal fashion and for her, the sky seems like the only limit.